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Dramatically Improve Your Web Site’s Success
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video marketing

There is a huge shift in the internet that is occurring right now. That shift is away from static pages and towards video marketing! Much like the shift to television in the 1950’s, today’s web visitor wants to see and hear your message rather than read it. And the technology is standardized to the point that over 99% of visitors can view a video commercial.

With a video ad you can provide a testimonial and demonstrate your product or service in a compelling, easy to understand way. You can show, not just tell, your prospects exactly what makes your company the better choice. Video marketing really brings your site up to date.

Adding a video promo to a web site has consistently shown  to improve conversions. In fact 80% of visitors will watch the ad and 52% of visitors take action, according to the Online Publishers Association. The reason why is clear… people learn more and retain more with multimedia.

“Streaming video delivers nearly three times higher brand awareness and message association, and more than 100% higher purchase intent and online ad awareness than non-rich media ads.” - Dynamic Logic MarketNorms Report


video advertising

We produce engaging video ads that immediately capture the visitor’s attention and persuasively guide them to take action - whether that is making a purchase, filling out a form, downloading a file, or anything else. Plus there are many other ways to use your video…

  • Direct mail the CD
  • Trade shows
  • Email campaigns
  • Google video marketing campaigns
  • Display in your office
  • Face to face sales calls
  • Augment telemarketing
  • Signature lines in emails
  • Basically, in place of anywhere you would normally have a brochure

“Video is the most engaging form of content available on the internet.” -Greg Verdino, iMedia Connection


video advertisement

We handle the complete end to end production of your video advertisement including graphics, animation, copywriting, narration, and music.

You’ll get a professional, high impact video ad at a very affordable price. Guaranteed. Whether you are a large corporation, non-profit, small or mid-sized organization, we have a flexible video advertising solution for you.

“Adding online video into your mix can take a campaign from typical banners and bad puns to a creative, sophisticated expression that fuses the emotional connection of television, with the engagement and measurability of the Internet.” -Joel Lunenfeld, Online Video Insider


video commercial

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