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How much does it cost?
With the increase in conversions that you will get by using Action Video Ads, your cost could be zero, but we charge $500 per minute for your completed video with a one minute minimum.

How long should my ad be?
The general copywriting rule is that an ad should be as long as it takes to make the sale, not longer or shorter. Another rule says that the more you tell, the more you sell. Depending on what you want to accomplish, in most cases, it is difficult to put together an effective video ad in under 2 minutes. One minute of video equals about 160 - 180 written words.

How long does it take?
About 3 weeks after we get the questionnaire back from you, assuming no other changes.

How involved do I have to be in the production?
As little or as much as you want. The only requirement is for you to provide answers to a questionnaire which describes your product, what you want the video to accomplish, etc. If you want to be involved in the script, music, narration, or any other aspect you are welcome to do so.

What is included in the cost?
All narration, graphics, animation, music, and ready to use video player. Basically everything you see in any of the samples.

What is not included in the cost?
Product or company specific photos or video. If you want multiple voices in the video, there is an additional charge of $150.

What if I want changes after it’s done?
Except for the narration portion, there are no charges for changes for up to 3 months after delivery of your video. If you need the narration changed there will be a $150 fee.

Will I get the source files?
Yes, all source files are included.

Can you do this in other languages?
Yes, we can do your video in all major languages. There is an additional charge of $200 per minute.

Can the commercials you create be used for broadcast TV?
Possibly. The format we use is Flash. Check with your broadcast media person to see if they can use Flash or convert it to a format that they can use.

If I have footage or photos that I want in the video, how does that affect the price?
You can supply as much of your own photos or video clips as you want. We will work those into the video at no additional fee. Your cost will be based on the length of the final video delivered to you.

Is there a discount if I write the script?
Normally no. The reason why is that most scripts supplied by the client end up having to be rewritten/reworked substantially. Either because of grammar issues, or basic copywriting effectiveness. Our expertise includes putting together and working with you to come up with a solid script that delivers results. If you still insist on doing it all yourself we may be able to give a small discount, but your script will be sent directly to our voice over talent with no review. You will be responsible for paying for a redo on the voice over if you realize that something is missing or it doesn't sound right.

I'd like some animated characters or other custom graphics. Is that part of the standard cost?
Basic photos and text animation effects are included in the video. If you need custom graphic or extensive animation done, we can do that at an additional fee.
















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